Miguel Crossing
  • Pokemon: The best way to play is to EV train, IV breed, choose party based on moveset and weakness, then-
  • Me: No, use the cute ones
  • Yugioh: You have to play strategically and use these OP car-
  • Me: nO.... The cUte oNeS
  • Animal Crossing: Its best to have a diversity of personality types in choosing your neighbo-


animated an old doodle


I havent played ac in a while and worry about my villagers moving away.. and sometimes wonder what kind of adventures my old villagers are having in other towns

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Biskit by miguelcrossing!

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very crude tank quickie before i head off for work! i love tank but i can’t draw tank.


As I explained before, I’m going to be moving from one continent to another in two months! But I’m leaving in a very precarious situation and I need every penny that I can save so I don’t end up homeless in a country that’s very, very far from mine. OTL

(You can read more about my situation here.)

That’s why commissions are going to be OPEN for as long as I can!

Because I leave in two months I need to be able to work and save money fast. But I don’t want to give you mediocre drawings so I will be drawing simple characters from now on, no backgrounds this time. Those take a lot more time and I don’t have it, sadly.

Ok, specifications and commission process under the cut!!

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some ac doodles !!


i miss growing red turnips every week also my neighbors refuse to sit on the stumps ; >

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Another submission for ac-collab!